EXPERTS say it can take anywhere between two and eight months to form a new habit.

But you can’t really know how long it will take until you adopt a new one, be it good or bad.

The new #brahijack labels appears in high street store such as Next and Tesco

So if it’s a good habit – like regular boob checking – you may need help.

That’s why we send free texts to your phone if you join our SMS boob love reminder service.

We now have a whopping 38,000 people signed up to what I believe is a pretty amusing service.

As the summer rolls in Coppafeel! turn their attention to bikinis with the help of a brand called Deakin and Blue

That’s because you might be in the middle of a lecture, a job interview or at the bus stop when you get the text.

Any time can be boob time.

If hijacking your phone inbox isn’t enough, we also – rather sneakily – got into bras, too.

Nothing surprises Kris Hallenga anymore when it comes when it comes to bizarre myths about cancer

It’s still one of the most exciting things to walk in to a High Street store, such as Next or F&F at Tesco, and see our labels sewn into bras that remind people to check their boobs.

I always get a warm glow when someone tells us they checked their bosoms because their bra reminded them to do it.

Our #brahijack campaign was thought up many moons ago when we weren’t even a charity. To see it come to life a few years later – and now be linked to many brands – is magical.

For monthly reminders to check
your boobs, text:

REMIND to 70500.

Your initial message will
cost your standard network rate

Now it’s summertime, we have our eyes on your bikinis.

And it’s thanks to a brand called Deakin and Blue that we can now remind women to check their boobs as they don their supportive swimwear.

The brains at CoppaFeel! are constantly thinking up the next cunning initiative to get us into your lives and get you coppin’.

So be warned, we may just have you forming a new potentially life-saving habit quicker than you can say COPPAFEEL!

If you want to be one of the lucky recipients of our text messages, just text BOOBS to 70300.

It’s free and we won’t pester you with anything but boob love, I promise.

And if you happen to be part of a lingerie company that CoppaFeel! hasn’t yet hijacked then get in touch.

We recommend you give your boobs the once-over at least once a month – but of course, you’re free to do it more regularly. It can be fun, after all. Below is a little reminder of how to do it.

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